Licensing Permission Instructions

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⚪Licensing of Content

Authorization CategoryOwnershipAuthorized Sources
Homepage TipsAkarin(@DanielRo)Moegirl wiki AliceInCradle entry creator
Homepage Monster InformationAkarin(@DanielRo)Moegirl wiki AliceInCradle entry creator
Game Download ServiceNanameHachaAliceInCradle Development Team
Game Art MaterialsNanameHachaAliceInCradle Development Team
Anti-infringementNanameHachaAliceInCradle Development Team
BiliBili AccountNanameHachaAliceInCradle Development Team
Sample VideoPhenix02BiliBili @Phenix02
The above licenses are authorized for DevNetwork use only.

⚪Licensing for External Use #CN

Authorization CategoryUserLimitationsRemark
Sharing the Game Download ServiceAnyoneDomain in “Additional Notes #CN>URL List” should be used when sharing games, Profit usage is prohibited, which includes but not limited in directly selling>, Asking for following, comments, entering a social media group,
social media PM, liking, and other behavior that creates difficulties in getting this game.
This authorization is for the download method provided by this website.
Game Programs SharingAnyoneSee detail in “Additional Notes #CN>>Regulations on Restrictions on Program Sharing” belowThis authorization is for sharing of AliceInCradle game programs.
The authorized party of the above license is AliceInCradle China Community Operators.

⚪Additional Notes #CN

⚪Regulations on Restrictions on Program Sharing

  • ⓪The “Game Files”,mentioned in this clause refer to the files that can be directly downloaded from the Download Function in this site or Official Method like ci-en or Fantia directly by the author, and all the copied from those above;
  • ①The sharing should be non-profit,directly or indirectly selling the game file, part of the content in the file, or other links, data, information, etc. that can restore the game file or part of the content in the file in legal currency or virtual currency is strictly PROHIBITED ;
  • ②When sharing the game program (especially the original game without MODS), the sharer shall not make any additions, deletions or changes to the content of the game file. If any additions is needed (such as playing instructions, archiving, strategies, etc.) to be attached when sharing, it shall be attached outside the game file;
  • ③For the sharing and introduction to the unspecified majority, at least one author of the game and at least one official link for the author to release game related information shall be indicated;
  • ④If the game file sharing is provided under the game introduction, it should be indicated in the introduction that the author has already published the game directly for free, and when sharing the game file, there should not be any unnecessary premise, including but not limited to following, liking, retweeting, collecting, etc. We reserve the right to judge the necessity of the unlisted premise;
  • ⑤The above clauses ②, ③ and ④ are not applicable to the occasion of sharing with specific individuals (such as sharing to relatives and friends);
  • ⑥Except for the circumstances exempted in Article ⑤, any act of sharing game files in violation of the above provisions is irregular distribution, and we reserve the right to investigate the responsibility or assist the original game author to investigate the responsibility.
  • Feedback: The regulations were drafted by Akarin. If there are any problems in the regulations, such as inappropriate, unclear expression or wrong content, please contact the email [email protected] to let Akari know.
  • We reserve the maximum right to interpret this clause within the scope of law. In case of conflict between this clause and the current local laws of the sharer, the latter shall prevail.
  • This clause last edited at: GMT +8 | 2022/08/23 | 3:31

⚪Permissions of BiliBili Account

  • The game news
  • Promote the game
  • Guided creation of the community
  • Organizing activities (Advance application to NanameHacha required)
  • Other matters (may require prior application to NanameHacha)

⚪URL List

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